In order to participate in our Group Workouts you must download the ZOOM App. You first ONLINE Class is complimentary so you can get through the sign up with Zoom, play with your audio and get your video working. We are NOT able to take the time to help with computer "HOW TO" but the first class will help you get use to the ZOOM App. 

All Group Participants Must R.S.V.P.

Please text 917 435 6455. 30 minutes before the schedule time to R.S.V.P. Currently Group Classes are set to 20 Members. If you Book and pay the $5.00 and do NOT Show, you will NOT get a refund. Commit to Fit. 

Group Workouts Recorded

We have no problem with clients recording the group workouts. We do NOT record all of them. So let the APP record the workout if you can not make it to your phone. Up to you on the technical side. 

All Participants Must

If you want to take a Group Work you either have to have a club subscription, a single class booking fee or be a current personal training client. You can take your first GROUP Class for FREE so you can get use to using the ZOOM App.

What are the Group Workouts Like?

You will either workout with Lizzie or she will be calling the moves and guiding you through the exercises. If you need personal attention, this is NOT the time. Group is for all to workout and learn and pick up as we move from one exercise to the next. If you need personal help, you need personal training. 



Clients need to Pre Pay.

To have a time spot set in Lizzie's Schedule you need to prepay. If it is ONE, FOUR or More, Lizzie will put those times in her calendar and that means she can not take on another client at that time. 

All One To One Packages Expire

All packages expire in 30 days. No excuses and if you are sick or going away, you can train on vacation. The prices are cheaper for a reason. If you need to miss a session, reschedule. 

If you need to cancel a workout

Clients need to cancel 12 hours before time of session. If client does not show for the workout, the session is still counted as completed. 

All clients are given a online Ledger

This is a GOOGLE Doc that will note what we did in the workout, what session you are on and have completed and some of the homework notes. 

If you have purchased a 4, 8 or 12 pack and

You have a serious illness, injury, death in the family. You will be refunded for those sessions NOT completed within 30 days. If you want to put a hold on your sessions and not loose your time spot, you can request to Freeze and move your session to the next four weeks in advance and keep your time spot. We understand about LIFE> 

To Sign In Go To Home Page 2 minutes before you start time. Text your are ready 917 435 6455.



ALL Memberships, Classes Must be Prepaid.

At the sign in of the class, members will sign in, single class participants will pay for a single class or sign up for membership. 

Value Packs expire in 30 days

Participants can go to any class at any location. Value Packs Prices can go up based on how many classes are offered a week. Value Packs expire from the first class to 30 days out.  There are NO Refunds on Value Packs once purchased. 

If you Purchase a RollerSizeR

You will receive one Class for Free. 

R.S.V.P. for all Bonita Fit Classes

Text One hour before class to let us know you are coming. Lizzie will send out a reminder about the classes that day one hour before class time.


If you bring in a NEW MEMBER, that means a person that has purchased a RollerSizer, you will get 5 Crunch Credits. Value $5.00.

Classes will be cancelled

We will cancel classes do to weather. If you are a VP member, you will be given a credit of 5 (That can be used toward your next membership).