We are finally ready to train Instructors and those that want a more in depth learning experience. These courses will teach an Instructor, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor and even You in how to use The RollerSizeR in group class and or in a one to one training session. 

Basic Training


This course is not just for trainers. This is for those that want to learn more how to use The RollerSizeR so as to get the most out of it's healthy fit use.  Course is done online and can be completed within a weeks time. Comes with a Online Handbook. 

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Elite Training


This course is for Instructors, physical therapists, chiropractors practitioners, group trainings.  that deal with alignment.Course is great for group and for those in a  One To One Settings. Course is about using The RollerSizeR to relieve spinal pain, improve posture and to help the older population with fitness needs.  This course is On-line and takes about a week to finish. 

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Get Certified-Get Educated-Get RollerSized

The RollerSizeR® is New to the fitness world. In every aspect of getting fit, we all use different tools: Bands, Dumbbells, kettlebells, Wheels, Big Balls, Little Balls and the list goes on. The RollerSizeR is a ready to be part of the list. 

Instructors will learn how to use it to Stretch, Strengthen and Support the Neck and Low Back in hundreds of Exercises. 

There are Two Courses to chose from:

BASIC - Which is just that, learn how to use your RollerSizeR with your clients, with yourself. This course will also teach one that The RollerSizeR is a tool, you take with you in your life. You pull it out of your bag and use it when you need it. That way the Gym, comes with YOU!

ELITE - Is for a trainer or someone that wants not only to teach and train their clients but want to sell RollerSizeRs and make some extra money. This course comes with how to sell, how to create a class program and what to do with a injured or a client that has pain or issues to lose weight. 


Whether you pick BASIC OR ELITE, you can learn all that you need at your home. Both Courses are all on line and include LIVE one to one training. See course Dates and Reserve your Spot. 

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